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Neal McCaleb has been inducted into Hall of Fame this year

Last week marked a very historical moment for the McCaleb Family. Our own Neal McCaleb was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. The 87th class of the Oklahoma Hall of fame was held last week. Also inducted were: Wanda Jackson, Blake Shelton, Alfre Woodard, Harold T. Holden,Thomas H. McCaslan, and Peggy Clark Stephenson.

All the inductees are known and renowned in their careers as the best and brightest, excelling in their industries. Shelley Rowan stated, "All of our inductees excel in their respective careers, and Oklahomans for a long time have been the best, the brightest and the only in the things that they've accomplished, along with showcasing an extreme generosity in giving back to our state."

The Oklahoma Heritage Association was founded in 1927 with the goal of teaching the youth of Oklahoma the history and founding of the state they reside in. In 2007 the Gaylord Pickens Museum was opened so that many can observe the accomplishments of the honorees.

Neal McCaleb, a co-founder of McCaleb Homes is one of the inductees, receiving this honor for his many years in private and public service. He was the first Secretary of Transportation in 1987 as well as the director of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation by Governor Henry Bellmon. He served again as Secretary of Transportation in 1995 and director of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. President George W. Bush appointed him Assistant Secretary and in 2003 he furthered his support of American Indian economic development with the Chickasaw Nation. Neal McCaleb now serves as the chairman of the board of the Chickasaw Nation Industries.

One of the highest honors any citizen can receive from the state is to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Whether it be a well-known entertainer, an artist, or an individual who has improved the state in general, 662 people have been inducted since 1928.



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