Why Buy a McCaleb Home?

What Sets Us Apart

Before we ever buy a piece of land we walk it and try to get a feel for it and what it’s all about. While you may have heard the old saying that real estate is all about location, it is also about the features of the land to us. Oklahoma consists of endless wheat fields, and many builders just look at how they can lay out a grid of homes to take advantage of every buildable inch of land. Our thought process is quite different. We are forever on a quest for land that has rolling hills, streams, and lakes and then we build to fit that environment.

We know that a home isn’t just about the house itself, but also its setting. We look for big common areas of old growth forest that we conserve rather than tear down to replace with an even cookie-cutter landscape. Nature was here long before we were, and our goal is to respect the land rather than destroy it.

There is a Winnebago Tribal saying that speaks to our philosophy about land, “The trees and all nature are witnesses of our thoughts and deeds.” With this in mind, we build not just anywhere, but in the right locations to create long lasting communities made with integrity and passion.

Our Design

Attention to detail is so important to us. We strive to stay on top of trends while making sure your homes will never go out of style. When you walk into a McCaleb home, you’ll have that “Ah-ha” moment. It’s not uncommon to wonder why other builders just don’t think of these things. We truly get inside the heads of our home owners and envision how the space will be used, and the types of features that make it more appealing. Everything from the porch swings to the custom built-ins are well thought out. We look for true historic details and incorporate those into our designs.

Our Process

Once we’ve chosen the land, our home owners can select that perfect design amongst our extensive collections to fit their needs. Our goal is to make the process of building a home fun. We know that many people experience stress in entrusting the largest purchase of their lifetimes into the hands of a builder.

We begin with the idea of creating a memorable journey for our home owners, not just building a house. Each member of our team plays a role in the process to create a fun environment of anticipation. It’s no surprise we have a 95% approval rating, well higher than most builders in the Edmond Oklahoma area.

Our Trades

We put the best craftsmen on the job. For us, it’s never about finding the person willing to do the job for the cheapest price, we hire the best trim carpenters and framers we can find to maintain the quality and integrity that has become synonymous with our homes. We discovered long ago that by triple bidding jobs to find the least expensive contractors, you are enabling a lack of continuity and quality of craftsmanship. By paying the least amount of money, you naturally receive the least amount of effort. We know through experience that by valuing great craftsmanship we gain consistent, over the top results in our homes. Our subcontractors have been with us as long as many of our employees. Their pride of craftsmanship and pride of ownership makes all the difference, and their signature can be found in the way they lay that piece of stone, or the way they place that trim work with consistency and care on every home.

Service After the Sale

When you build a home with McCaleb Homes, we don’t disappear after the closing. We have a 3-tiered warranty program put in place to make sure we have happy home owners for years to come. The first tier is a full 1-year builder warranty on any defective workmanship or materials in the home. The next tier is a 2-year mechanical and systems warranty from the builder. This covers labor and materials on the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. After that, your home is covered under a 10-year major structural warranty with a professional warranty service corporation backed by Zurch Insurance. This level of coverage is unheard of by many of our competitors. However, it is our goal to give our homeowners the most peace of mind. We know that a home is the largest investment you may make in a lifetime and that’s why we go that extra mile.

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