Our Homes

Our Homes are a Labor of Love

At McCaleb Homes it’s not just about Caleb or Terri. Our whole McCaleb team puts their heart into what they do so that home owners can walk away with a superior home. This is not only true of our company team, where we work in one big open space, this feeling of accomplishment extends to our trade partners and suppliers too. Everyone – blood relation or not – is treated like family. Our goal is never to find the cheapest labor and supplies, but instead we search out the best. This is why we have long standing relationships that have lasted for over 20 years.

Every Detail is Intentional

From the moment we conceptualized our collections to create eclectic neighborhoods, we had our eye on something unique and beautiful. Our state was shaped by the land run of 1889. When we set our sights on creating timeless homes, we toured historic neighborhoods throughout the area to get a feel for the architecture from around 1900-1930.

Our focus was on the bungalow style homes like the Jewel Box Tudors you’d find in Edgemere Park built in the late 30’s, or the Craftsman Bungalows that stand out in other historic areas. We make our homes look timeless on the outside, while maintaining that modern eclectic flow desired in contemporary homes. We have been inspired by mission style homes and modern farmhouse styles as well that can be found within our collections.

Inside we focus attention on light fixtures, fine quality cabinetry, large wood beams, and tile. Blending historic features like Harwood oak floors, wainscoting, and crown molding with modern amenities brings the best of both worlds into our interior spaces to warm up a house and make it a home for generations. Inside and out, we put the best craftsmen on the job. We only hire people who know that laying that piece of stone or putting up that piece of trim is their signature. We only look for people who take pride in craftsmanship and ownership, and that makes all the difference.

What Lights Our Fire?

“At the end of the day, when I know that my customers are happy and my employees are happy and my family is happy I get a real sense of peace. We all strive for a sense of peace. And everything isn’t always perfect but when everyone is reaching for the same goal it makes everything a lot easier. If you’ve been around a lot of construction companies, usually there’s conflict between construction and sales, with us, we literally discuss what goals we have to reach and everyone has the same input.” – Caleb McCaleb

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