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Bedroom Decorating Ideas

So much to decorate and no time to brainstorm! Do not fear, we have all the decorating techniques you need right here.

Unfortunately you cannot have your master bedroom having the same layout as your child’s room so it seems you’ll have to come up with something different; this short piece will highlight ways to differentiate the rooms in your home with reducing how much you rack your brain about it.

Master Bedroom
Since this is the room where you’ll recharge after a long day; it needs to have the perfect balance. A small room can be expanded with lighter colors and light curtains. If you have a large room that seems to be overbearing, you can use warm colors and patterns to make it cozier. A nice antique find can dress up a boring nightstand set.
Lining up furniture to be parallel with the wall maximizes floor space and gives a nice flow to the room.
Have smaller nightstands that are as tall as the mattress so you won’t have to struggle with the alarm clock in the morning.

Children’s Bedrooms
The most important thing is to have as little clutter as possible, and to have versatile furniture that you won’t have to replace every two years.
From the initial paint job, try to pick a neutral color that kids won’t outgrow.
Instead of having floor lamps all around, try wall sconces that they won’t be able to pull down in their early years.
A simple chest can be used to store toys now, and then store game systems later.

Teen Rooms
The room of the teenager is their sanction; you might as well make it something they are comfortable with to avoid endless hassle.
A simple duvet cover can go a long way for a teen, especially if they think it’s comfortable.
No matter how good decorative pillows look, they can become a horror to the resistant bed makers.
Try to make use of installed shelves to increase storage space and easy use of their favorite things.

Guest Rooms
It’s crucial that you have a comfortable room, whether it is stationed or temporary. Try including entertainment for the guest, such as a small TV and magazines.
Multi-purpose furniture can be a great asset to your guest bedroom, such as a futon that makes a reliable couch in the daytime.
Those that have an enclosed porch could easily make that into a temporary room for a guest by hanging light sheets over the windows to maintain the outdoor feel but still giving them their privacy.

Keep an eye out later for our article on decorating styles that are versatile for any room!


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