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At McCaleb Homes, we know the decision to buy a home is much more complex than just finding the best price per square foot. It’s about design. It’s about quality. It’s about value. Not just in terms of money, but for what it says about who we are and how we live.

We’ve built our reputation creating places families are proud to call home. Since the day we began over three decades ago, our company has focused on a single goal: to build homes with the kind of exciting designs and the level of quality usually reserved for only the most expensive custom homes, but at much more affordable prices. The result is the highest standard by which you can compare our homes to others you may consider a home that is dollar for dollar the best value on the market.

Our company has been in step with a changing home-buying market. People like you who are no longer willing to settle for a home just like everyone else’s. Whose active lifestyle requires a home with more openness, more flexibility, more natural light, more conveniences–more imagination!

McCaleb Homes has answered that challenge with a collection of homes so unique, so well-constructed, that our buyers wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else. While we are proud of our credentials and reputation, we realize it is our total commitment to you, our valued customer, that truly measures success. We sincerely hope you experience the excitement and satisfaction of living in one of our homes very soon.

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