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Why you should invest in a home theater

Home Theater
A lot of movie lovers love movies but don't enjoy a whole lot of visiting the cinema experience. For those who want the best of both worlds can have it all by investing in a home theater. If you have the budget for it, it's best to have a living room for your regular TV watching, and a separate room just for your movie experience. That way you don't have to strain your eyes watching the daily news or talk shows. Here are the long- term benefits of adding a theater in your home.

All thrills, no fuss.
Make it a movie night any day of the week. If you've been to the theater on the weekends, it is no fun to line up all night just to watch the latest new release. Even if you watch an older released movie, no one enjoys sitting beside a stranger that might talk throughout the whole movie or to have someone behind you kicking your seat every half an hour. Having the theater right in your own home prevents all that, and you can invite those you trust to watch the movie respectfully. For summer time, you can even use the projector for a backyard theater. Pop in an old movie and have an outdoor movie experience with you homemade popcorn.

Save in the long run
Sure you may have to spend on movie tickets still to see the new-releases, but to watch the ready available rentals through your video streaming source (e.g. Netflix) in a theater surrounding is an experience worth paying for. Most households would purchase the basics of a home theater anyways, such as a sound system (speakers & receiver), DVD / Blu-Ray player. All you have to add on top is the projector, blank wall to display the picture and preferably a room in the basement that has no windows. And of course, the most important item of all is the sofa you'll be comfortably sitting in for the whole movie. Many convertible sofas make great home theater furniture as they allow you to cozy up in different seating positions.

Endless parties
Especially when the holidays come around, there's nothing like watching a movie together as a family to celebrate the day. If it's a colder season, the indoor home theater would be a perfect place to enjoy a hot cocoa. When summer arrives, the projector can easily be moved outdoors for a barbecue movie night. There are endless themes to what type of movie parties you want to add to the calendar, and everyone would want to come to your party to enjoy the luxury of your home theater.


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