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Top 3 Reasons to Invest in a New McCaleb Home

1) No hidden surprises. The last thing you would want after you close on your home would be for an unexpected repair issue to surprise you (in a bad way). A new heat and air system for example can cost you $8-15,000. With a brand new McCaleb Home, your new home will have been through multiple inspections and the home comes with three different warraties (up to 10 years!) to give you peace of mind.

2) It's a good long term investment. If you find a community that has easy access to highways, shopping and great schools; builders with great reputations and great designs the demand should be high. The cost of building a new home and developing a community is always rising. The earlier you can lock in a price the better your investment will be.

3) You can customize the home to fit your lifestyle. From the color of the front door, to each and every light fixture, you'll get to play "Interior Designer" with Terri McCaleb (the true Professional) helping you every step of the way. Your new home will truely be an expression of your style and comfort.


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