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The Arcadia Lake Trail a Great Addition to Edmond Oklahoma

We are very excited at McCaleb homes for the new Arcadia Lake Trail that is being built in 2013 and will be completed in 2013. The Trail will be a great addition to the already wonderful recreation that we have in the OKC area. The trail is going to feature one of the longest public paved trails in the country. It is proposed to be 15- 20 miles long. We are excited about how the trail is being organized and the proposed use.

What makes the Acadia Lake trail unique is the because it is not just one trail but multiple trails. What is proposed is one trail to be a paved trail for joggers, cyclist, walkers and those using rollerblades. Where there is a high traffic area though the trail will have two separate 10-foot wide paths, one for pedestrians, walkers and joggers and the other for cyclists and those rollerblading. So wheeled recreation will not have to avoid pedestrians and pedestrians will not have to contend with higher speed recreation. In areas that are common such as bridges the trail will widen out to 12 to 14 feet. Those who enjoy horseback riding will not have to contend with either. The existing equestrian trail will have a setback so horses back riding can ride in peace without having to contend with cyclist and pedestrians. In areas where trails are shared or trails cross appropriate signage will be installed to warn all enthusiast of potential traffic. At McCaleb Homes we feel this is the first time that all forms of recreation has been considered when building a trails in a park setting.

Another feature of the Trail is that is has taken into consideration the beauty of Arcadia Lake and the paths will allow you to enjoy the beauty without having a major impact on the environment.

The project has the support of many of the from the community including McCaleb Homes. Those who are living in or considering a new home will be closest to the new recreation feature. Centennial, Town Square and Arbor Creek are the closest to Arcadia Lake.

We will keep you posted when the project is complete and the grand opening of the Arcadia Lake Trail.


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