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Reasons to Buy a New Home

It is normal for potential home buyers to experience decision fatigue during the entire process. It is completely understandable. There is an endless list of things to consider from location to housing type to style preferences. One of the main things that you must weigh out is whether to go with an older home or a new build. At McCaleb Homes, we want to help make this decision easier for you by highlighting just a few ways that we believe new builds are better.

Energy Efficient

For starters, newly built homes are naturally more energy efficient than older ones. This is because the demand for energy efficient materials has really increased in recent years. This means that when you buy a new build you are typically getting higher quality insulation, lighting, and appliances. All resulting in more manageable utility bills.


Piggy backing a bit off the last point, new builds are generally safer as well. Because many older homes used outdated products that we now understand are unsafe, new builds can offer you more peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that your home will not contain things like lead paint or asbestos.

Ready to Go

Oftentimes when you are buying an older home, it may need repairs. Those repairs can range from minor to major. Or it may be aesthetically outdated and in need of updating. With a new build, however, you know that it will not need repairs for some time. This means that you can trade out your list of things that have to get done with a list of things you simply want to get done. New builds are generally a blank slate just waiting for your personal touch.

If you are not yet convinced that a new build is right for you, why not take a virtual tour of one of our homes? On top of that, do not hesitate to reach out to us to ask us any questions. We would love to help get you started on the road of finding the perfect home.

By McCaleb Homes 11-30-2020

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