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Preparing Your Garden for Spring and Summer

Here at McCaleb Homes, location is of primary interest when selecting land for our neighborhoods. Second most important, after location, is the beauty of the land itself. Treeless wheat fields are not difficult to find here in Oklahoma. That is why we have made it our goal to find rolling wooded land that reflects the natural beauty of Edmond. Once you have found your well-designed home and slice of nature, you can add your own personal touches to make your home and yard something that truly brings a smile to your face. During this time of year, many are getting busy manicuring their gardens. If you’re not exactly sure how to go about that, McCaleb Homes has got your back! We have put together this helpful guide to assist you on your way to a lush and colorful garden.

Spring cleaning does not apply only to household chores. First order of business is to tidy up your garden beds. Be sure to remove any dead leaves or debris. Not only will this make your beds look neat, but it will also discourage pests from settling in because pests tend to enjoy dead foliage. Next, if you have any shrubs or perennials, this is a good opportunity to prune off any dead parts of these plants. This will relieve your plants of dead weight so that they can better expend their energy on new growth.

In Winter, months of cold rain and snow compacts soil, making it hard and difficult to work with. So, the next step is to loosen up your soil. This is an important step because plants breathe through their roots and compacted soil will restrict that. Whereas well aerated soil will allow for good drainage, in turn helping your plants thrive. You can loosen your soil in several ways. One way is to take a sharp gardening tool such as a shovel or a hoe and break up the soil. Be careful if plants are already present so as not to damage the root system too dramatically. Another option is to work in organic materials like compost or peat moss. A third option, though not for the squeamish, is the addition of earthworms. This is a great solution, because not only will they burrow tunnels in your soil causing aeration, but they will leave behind droppings, adding organic fertilizer for your plants to use.

Now that your beds are clean and the soil is loosened and dry, a top dressing of mulch can be added. Mulch is both beneficial to your garden and adds a tidiness that lends to the overall beauty of your landscaping.

Finally, your garden beds are ready! Some seeds can be started indoors and later transplanted outdoors once Spring frosts no longer pose a danger. Some examples of flowers seeds that fall under this category would be things like pansies, violets and marigolds. If a vegetable garden is more your calling, consider starting seeds like broccoli, tomato, kale, and Brussels sprouts indoors in the colder months to get a head start on your harvest.

Whatever vision you have for you dream garden, you can succeed with the help of these tips from McCaleb Homes!

By McCaleb Homes 5-21-2019

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