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Its Time for Spring Cleaning

We are now officially into spring which means that there is some cleaning that is going to need to get done. Many people have mixed emotions about spring cleaning. Happy because its spring and you want to get your home ready for the months ahead but not too happy about having to put forth all the work and time to get your house to where you want it to be. Don’t worry though, spring cleaning means you’ve got yourself a couple of months to get the items done. There are a few major items that we tend to neglect throughout the year. McCaleb Homes is all about clean and beautiful homes. We want to help you to keep your home that way as well.

Your Appliances

This is the time of year to clean those major appliances like your dishwasher, oven and washing machine. These are appliances you use every day and see more than their share of grime.

  • The dishwasher is constantly washing plates and dishes with all our food remnants on it. It can become dirty itself if we don’t keep up with cleaning it. Make sure to remove any food down where it collects it at the bottom and give a through cleaning to it.
  • The oven is another tool that we use often especially in the winter months. So, give it a fresh new look and set it on the clean setting. This will take a couple of hours. After it’s done you’ll need to open it up after it’s cooled down and make sure to clean what it baked to ashes. Additionally, you’ll need to clean the glass surface and use a degreaser inside to make sure it’s spotless.
  • The next one is the washer. Many times, mold can grow in it because of it constantly being wet and no air to dry it out. This makes for the perfect living conditions for mold. Make sure to give this a good inspection and then a thorough cleaning to ensure that any mold growing in it is killed. This leave the door open to let it dry. This is a good idea in general to do after each load.

Your Flooring

Winter tends to keep us inside for what seems to be a long few months. This means that we are trekking in all kinds of things from the outside with no real way to keep things fresh. When we come in and sit around the tv, watching the little ones play on the floor. There is no telling what we have brought into the home while we and the little ones brush our hands across the carpet. This means that our little ones are sticking their hands in their mouth full of germs. A good carpet cleaning is in check, it’s recommended to have your carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year.

Carpet isn’t the only flooring in the house though. There is also tile and wood flooring. These also need a good thorough cleaning. Tile floors require that they be cleaned and sealed once a year depending on the type of sealant that is used. Wood flooring should be at the very least be given a deep clean. There is more that can be done though.

Your Bedding

It’s time to give your blankets, comforters, and sheets a good deep cleaning in the washer. Change out your winter blankets and sheets for your summer ones. After you’ve given them all a good cleaning you can then put them away ready for the next winter. Make sure to pay attention to the condition of your mattress while you’ve got the sheets all off. Give it a good vacuum and disinfectant spray before you put sheets back on.

There is no way around it, spring cleaning is work but it is well worth the effort. It gives your home a fresh and clean look and feel. This time of year, is often one that includes having others over and enjoying their company. With spring cleaning you’ll have the basics done with and feel at ease when people come and stop by unexpectantly. McCaleb Homes is always trying to help home owners take care of their homes in the best way. If you’re looking at buying a new home, then take a look at the ones we have available today!

By McCaleb Homes 4-4-2018

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