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I Love Lusey

At McCaleb Homes, we've always admitted that some of our very best ideas come from suggestions made by our customers and homeowners. This amazing spotlight “Lusey” kitchen is no exception. As much as we would like to take all of the credit for this celebrity chef's dream escape, the design was actually inspired by local Realtor Krista Lusey. Krista introduced Craig and Beth McClain to Arbor Creek about a year ago and brought them to our Hemingway design model home. The McClains decided to custom build in Arbor Creek and Krista fell in love with our model home – with one tiny change. See, that's when our jobs get fun. When we see that sparkle in their eye and the wheels turning inside their head. It's when the creativity begins and the great ideas are born. Krista suggested that we open up the Hemingway kitchen so that she could watch TV and do the dishes at the same time. She wanted more cabinet space and fewer barring walls. She loved the stainless steel appliances and granite countertops but wanted a long bar where her kids could pull up a stool. We brought in Kelli Smith with Designs Unlimited, our local Architect and she, as she puts it “drew like the wind” designing what we now have come to love as the “Lusey” kitchen. You can tour the Lusey kitchen in the Hemingway design and love it yourself in one of the homes we're preparing for the Parade of Homes this year. It's at 7620 NW 135th Street in Canyon Lakes. Take Kilpatrick Turnpike to Rockwell. It's on the South side of Memorial between Council and Rockwell. Call Jennifer 519-2302 or Darcy 315-5785 for more information.

Thanks Krista!

Jennifer Hodgens

Sales Manager

McCaleb Homes


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