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How to transition your Summer decor to Fall decor

Time seems to be moving fast and we are already at that time of year where we have seen the first couple of trees start to change their colors. This means that it’s time to change your décor up to match the season that is soon to be. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year and it makes for a great décor season for your home. McCaleb Homes wants to help you get your home ready for the season of fall. Getting what you want in your head will help put it together when all the fall seasonal décor comes out here very soon.

Think about your colors. With summer we often decorate with bright colors bringing the season into full view. With fall though it is a bit different. Earth tones seem to paint the world around us with the color of the leaves. Bringing those colors into the home with the smell of the season can be one of those soothing things to walk into after a long day. This doesn’t have to be anything too extensive. Throwing a couple of pillows that are those colors or a couple of blankets.

When you’re putting up your colors around the house it is always nice to add different textures. This time of year allows for many different textures because the weather is getting colder. Different types of blankets with different types of patterns can add a beautiful look to your home. In addition to the different patterns and textures, putting up centerpieces that reflect the time of year is always a beautiful addition to the home. Centerpieces like beautiful wood and candles can be the perfect touch.

Add in beautiful candles around the home that will give you a beautiful fall smell to the home is the perfect finishing touch. Whether it’s pumpkin spice or just pure cinnamon, it pulls in all the décor together to create a cozy home that you can’t wait to get back to. If you’re looking to put décor outside the home, there are plenty of ideas. A wreath, pumpkins, or a cute little scarecrow are all wonderful decorating ideas.

McCaleb Homes it is getting ready for the season of fall ourselves. We are lining up some of our best homes for you to look at. If you want to see the type of home we build you can look at our available homes page or our photo gallery to find out how we design them inside!

By McCaleb Homes 8-31-2018

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