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How to do Concrete Repairs

Keeping your home in tiptop shape can be hard but it is very rewarding seeing that your home is the best one on the block. Over the years many repairs need to be done to a home, one of the most common is concrete. McCaleb Homes builds with quality materials that are made to last, come see the beauty of our homes. However, no home is invincible. Your concrete can start to crack on the drive way, walk way, and front porch. There are some instances where you have foundational issues that can’t be repaired with a DIY project. When you see your porch or step that is significantly higher or lower than the rest of the concrete then the project has gone beyond a DIY. However, if you’re not in that kind of position then it’s time to get started on your cracked concrete. Here is the best way to do so:

Clean the Area

No matter how big or small the crack is you must make sure that you clean it. Remove all the extra debris, pebbles, and dirt. If you don’t then the mortar won’t properly adhere to the concrete making that repair faulty. To make sure that you’re cleaning it properly you’re going to want to make sure that you have a steel brush and water. Scrub away to make sure there is nothing there is nothing there that will interfere with the patch job, afterwards let is dry throughouly.

Patch Material

There are different types of patch materials and depending on the type of cracks you have will depend on the type of mortar you should use.

Small Cracks: For small cracks it is relatively easy because you can get a tube of caulking that is specific for filling cracks in your concrete. There isn’t much to do other make sure that you get a good seal with the caulking in the crack, spreading it with your finger.

Larger Cracks: If your cracks are bigger, you’ll want to make sure that you use a different type of mortar. Get a small bag of mix and put water to it. Mix it well and slowly add the water to make sure you get the right ratio. With a larger hole you’ll want to take a trowel and start to fill the crack or hole. Afterwards you’ll want to follow the instructions to put a concrete sealer on it to ensure that it doesn’t crack again.

Doing repair work for you home will help make your home look beautiful as the years go on. This is important because our home is one of the biggest investment you have made. It will also help you if you ever want to sell you home. McCaleb Homes builds homes that are meant to last but no home is invincible, so we want to help along the way for years to come. Come see our homes today and the superiority of the materials we build with.

By McCaleb Homes 5-30-2018

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