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Foods You Can Regrow From Scraps

Having a kitchen with the room and amenities to create all the delicious and healthy meals you want is important to many families. That is why McCaleb Homes makes it a priority to build timeless kitchens in a way that makes it easy to do just that. And while you are cooking, you may want to think twice about throwing away some of those fruit and veggie scraps. Did you know that some of those fruits and veggies have what it takes to grow into a new plant? It is true! And we want to share some of the ones that you can nurse into more food here today.

Garlic and Onion Greens

Have you ever left a bulb of garlic a little too long and it begins to sprout? Well, that does not mean that it has gone bad! You can place that bulb of garlic in a little glass of water by some nice sunshine and it will continue to grow those flavorful greens. The same can be said of green onions. Then, whenever you want to add a punchy garnish to your dish, you can just snip some greens from your endless windowsill supply.

Celery, Bok Choy, Cabbage

Another group of vegetables that you can easily regrow from grocery store scraps are things like celery, bok choy, and cabbage. Typically, with these veggies you will cut the butt end off and use the top portions in your cooking. But attached to those end pieces are little roots and if you place them in water as well, they will regrow for you. Regarding celery in particular, many people will chop the top and bottom off and only use the middle bits. But the tops of celery can be used as a lovely herby ingredient as well. So why not try incorporating some of those celery tops into your next recipe?


Fresh herbs can take a meal to a whole new level but purchasing herbs from the market and using them before they wilt, and die can be a tricky balance. Never throw out unused herbs from the back of your fridge again by giving freshly cut herbs the same treatment we outlined above. Place in a jar of water in a sunny window. Then once they have sprouted roots, you can pot them into a more permanent home and enjoy the fruits of your labor all year long.

Trying new recipes and enjoying a fresh meal in the comfort of your home is truly a joy. And now by regrowing some of your kitchen scraps, you can ensure that you always have access to some of your favorite veggies and herbs!

By McCaleb Homes 2-23-2021

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