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Finding the Tile Suited to Your Needs

There’s something about a quality tile floor that you just can’t get with any other kind of flooring. Real tile can give a very different look to your home than wood or synthetic substitutes, and nicely contrasts areas covered in carpet. But not every tile would be the right fit for every home or decoration scheme. That’s why it’s so important to choose the one that fits both your design scheme and your lifestyle. There are almost limitless styles of tile, with many different materials used in their design and manufacturing.

In residential bathrooms and kitchens, ceramic tiles are the ones you’re most likely to find. They are simple to install, durable, highly resistant to stains and water (when properly glazed. We’ll talk more about that later), and can usually be found at a very reasonable price. The tiles are also very simple to maintain. Simple sweeping, wiping and gentle vacuuming will take care of most spills and messes. Stains won’t set in if the tile had the right glaze applied. This coating is what provides most of the protection against liquids. If water is able to penetrate the surface, it can erode the inner structure and facilitate the growth of mold.

Glass tiles have acquired most of their popularity in the rather recent past. They can be used to create a design scheme that’s modern and trendy, using bright, contrasting colors, or you can use transparent panes for a more subtle, clean look. Glass tiles are inherently waterproof and have a very simple installation process. Most chemicals and stains are powerless to harm glass flooring.

Natural stone is another very popular material for tiles and other elements of the home, such as countertops. Most stones are durable against scratches and other surface damage, but they can be susceptible to moisture absorption, especially the most porous varieties. For the high-traffic areas of the home, you would want something dense and durable. Natural stones that fit the bill are slate and granite. If an areas is going to see a lot of feet, covered in shoes or not, these types are some of the best stone options available. There are certain ones that are only recommended for less-used areas of the home where water and dirt won’t be much of a problem, such as marble or limestone. Whatever type of stone you choose, they each come in different finishes as well. To preserve the original look of the stone, a natural finish is the way to go. Honed finishes are smooth and have a matte look. Finally, polished stone has a shiny, highly-reflective appearance, as well as a more slippery surface.

Maintaining tile is important to keeping your home beautiful, but even more important is choosing the one that fits your home the best in the first place. With proper research, you can find a tile that’s perfect for your tastes and needs.

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