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Fall is Here, Winter is Coming, Time to Prepare Your Home!

No doubt you love the beautiful colors changing on the trees. As it gets colder you watch them fall to the ground and paint the streets. The streets isn’t the only place they fall and blow to though. Many times we forget to look up to the gutters of our home. Leaves can tend to get stuck in there and clog the gutters. So before winter comes, take an afternoon and clean out the gutters on your home. This will help the longevity of your brand new home.

When the temperature starts to change outside we generally change the temperature inside our home. With the flip of a switch you have your AC off and your heater on. To keep your AC running like brand new over the years to come take an extra moment to put a cover over the unit to keep it from damaging effects of winter. As you come in and out of your house to do all of this maintenance you might be noticing a leaf stuck to your shoe or some dirt coming in with you. With brand new flooring, keep it looking that way, by putting down a few rugs at your front, back and garage door. This will also be good for the winter when it snows and there seems to be water everywhere.

Lawn maintenance is also important. First you’ll want to rack all the leaves up in your yard and trim all of your bushes. Then you’ll want to mow your lawn a final time before winter comes. Afterwards to ensure that your newly sodded grass stays beautiful you’ll want to fertilize your yard with a fertilizer that causes your grass to grow longer and deeper roots. Then finish it up with some weed pulling. As you finish your yard work be sure to bring in your potted plants inside. Taking a day to work in the yard this fall will cause your yard to look exceptional in the spring.

Oklahoma doesn’t get too much snow but it does get some. In these days anything can happen with the weather so it’s good to get a natural disaster kit. It would be good to include some extra water bottles, food, blankets, and a first aid kit. It is good to have an evacuation plan as well just in case because even if you don’t get snowed in, carbon monoxide is always a threat. So make sure you get a detector and plug it into an outlet that is over a vent.

Winter is coming whether we like the cold or not. Be sure to keep you brand new home looking as such with just a little maintenance work.


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