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Affordable Housing in Oklahoma City

Shaila Dewan at The New York Times recently wrote an article about trends in the housing industry, and why many people are finding Oklahoma City to be a particularly inviting destination to move to. Some of the points from the article include:

  • In the past, many Americans were willing to pack up a moving truck and hit the road to pursue their dreams, find a better job, or live in a more comfortable clime. But more and more, the primary motivation for relocation within the United States seems to be the desire for cheaper housing.
  • In the US, the cheapest housing can often be found in the fastest-growing cities, which is a 180 from the trends that developed in the earlier years of the 21st century, when credit was easier to attain. The number of domestic migrants that point to housing costs as their reason for moving is over twice what is was just under a decade ago.
  • The ever-increasing rent prices and difficulty of getting a mortgage on coastal cities has led to a surge of new blood headed to cities located in inland states. These cities tend to create and easier and more stable living situations for families. Oklahoma City has been particularly friendly to those who choose to relocate there.
  • Oklahoma City was the 12th fastest-growing city in 2013, and has captured a large part of the millennial demographic. Many of the new residents have had their lives transformed for the better. Many now enjoy bike rides through beautiful suburbs, coming home to enjoy master suites the size of entire apartments they once stayed in.
  • The total volume of people who relocate to a different city or state has seen a decline in the recent past, but a noticeably larger number of movers say that their main reason for making the switch was the search for an area with more affordable housing. The decline in total movers could be linked several different causes, including a slowly-recovering economy, and various trends in the job market. As mentioned at the outset, there are number of different reasons Americans pack up and move. But nearly 20% of movers venturing more than 500 miles cite cheaper housing as their motivation. This is more than double what is was in 2007.

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