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Why Buy A Smart TV?

The TV industry is booming! Every day there is another better and greater TV to buy; descriptions like Smart TV, OLED, LED, 4K, and HDR are on every TV, making it more exciting to buy a new TV, but also more confusing. There is an incredibly extensive selection of high-definition and Ultra HD sets in many stores, covering all the bases with decently affordable big screens to sophisticated displays that can be as expensive as a new car! With all the insane amounts of options for TV’s, what kind should you get?

Some of you may have only recently bought a new flat screen; but all of the sudden, it now seems outdated! High Resolution Smart TV’s are showing up as the best of the best of this generation’s televisions. A feature that most people admire about the Smart TV is the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. Applications have now officially broken the boundaries of the average smart phone or tablet, since the internet connection allows applications to be installed right onto the TV.

Not only is the resolution of the new Smart TV’s extraordinary, but many of the televisions in this caliber can come with 3D processing units and 3D glasses as well. It can make it even better when you have an excellent McCaleb Home to watch your movies in.For some, this means no more trips to the IMAX theater for a glorious 3D movie experience. And since this feature does not apply to general TV shows, some may not feel that this kind of TV is worth it; also, there can only be as many viewers of the 3D movie as you have glasses.

If you are having a hard time making the right TV choice, offers a good list of what is a smart investment and what might be a pointless expenditure.

  • Try to buy a TV at or higher than 1080 resolution, as 720 resolution is too outdated
  • Look for higher than 120 Hz refresh rate to ensure a good TV display
  • If you do not want an outdated TV in 5 years, consider getting a 4K TV that will have lasting quality
  • If cost is not a concern, go for an OLED TV for a much better quality
  • A wide color gamut will have a better appearance, but is not crucial
  • Contrast ratios from manufacturers can be faked so do not base your decision on that
  • Look for HDCP compatibility so that you wont worry about getting locked out of content in your TV, along with a minimum of 4 HDMI ports
  • Curved TV’s are for style, not increased quality; the Smart TV label does not really dictate a more important TV, since this is just about every TV
  • Plan it in your expenses to have a sound bar that will be much better than your TV speakers.

Some of the most annoying things that happen while watching TV is the annoying search for that misplaced remote that is determined to evade you. With a Smart TV though, you can control it with a variety of remote-free methods with a smart phone or tablet. Even other models have voice commands as a way to control the TV. You can check your TV for an app that can work as the remote.

What about the cool curved panel TV that is out? It may be fantastic for straight-on quality viewing, but it makes it awkward for a group of people to view the TV comfortably.

The choice is clearly evident; the 2-D movies and standard flat-screens are becoming ancient. Having a Smart TV with internet connections, applications, 3-D potential, and remote-free controls are now the reality of this world. Smart TV’s make quality viewing inside your home so easy that you will only leave your McCaleb home to buy more snacks.


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