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Want a Calming Space? Use One of These Paint Colors

Your home needs to fill many roles. It should be a place of creativity, of fun, and of respite. Designating different spaces in your home to accommodate these different things starts with your choice of paint color. Color has a major influence over how we feel. Today we want to share which paint colors can help you achieve a restful space specifically. Whether that be your bedroom, bathroom, or home office.

Soft Pink

Pink can be bright and vivacious, but we are not talking about Barbie pink. To create the perfect base for a restful space, opt for a soft pink instead. Soft pink offers gentleness along with a bit of romanticism. Paired with warm woods it can give off a peaceful coastal feel and when combined with dark blacks it can be the perfect balance of feminine and masculine.

Grassy Green

Bright greens can be invigorating and energizing, but pale, grassy, or sage greens can have the opposite effect. Sage green bedroom walls surrounded by honeyed brown woods will make sure that when you get into bed, your mind is put to rest.

Airy Blue

Is there anything as peaceful as sitting under a blue sky on a sunny day? Bring some of that energy into your home with pale blue paint hues. If you want to double down on the spa/ indoor retreat vibe, pair these airy blues with all white bedding and furniture.

Wistful White

One of the most approachable colors that can help you create a calming space is white. From soft creams to bright linens, almost any shade on the spectrum can give you the feeling of calm. Keep the color scheme clean and fresh feeling by bringing in visual textures in the way of chunky crochet blankets and furniture with interesting silhouettes.

At the end of the day, your home should be a place where you can come to in order to feel relaxed and at peace. With the help of these colors, you can create the perfect sanctuary to help you block out the day's worries.

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By McCaleb Homes 1-26-2023

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