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Thank you McIntire Family

Thank you to Chris McIntire for this great letter of recommendation. We appreciate fantastic clients who become part of our McCaleb family. Read Chris' letter and others like his under our Testimonials page or scroll down to read it too.

Caleb McCaleb

To Prospective Buyers of McCaleb Homes
Almost a year ago my wife and I purchase a home from McCaleb Homes and have had a really great experience from the beginning dealing with the McCaleb staff and with Caleb McCaleb personally. While buying a home is a lot of excitement, it also involves a lot of anxiety about the questions that pop up like;

Did I negotiate well? Is this really a good builder?

Is the construction done well?

Will they REALLY help fix things after they sale? i.e. "warranty work"

I have purchased and owned 5 homes and plan on this being my last one so I really wanted to get it right and am so glad we invested in our home built by McCaleb Homes.

When negotiating the price I asked a lot of questions about lot price compared to other lots in our neighborhood and others to make sure I wasn't spending too much there and was pleased to find out I was paying a fair value. When looking at the construction costs I did find some other builders that were cheaper but it seemed like all the finishing touches weren't there and this was a home I really wanted to live in so I kept shopping. There's a HUGE difference between good price and good value especially in home construction where you can't see how the home was framed, plumbed, wired, etc. I've purchased too many things in my life for the best price that cost me twice as much over time that I really regretted.

We decided to buy a McCaleb Home and began the process of having it finished out and added on to it as well. We found that McCaleb's group had anticipated almost all of our needs that other builders would have left out and added as "extra" expenses so we wound up on a budget. There was even a miscommunication (inevitable) where McCaleb Homes agreed to enlarge the footprint at no increase to the cost to us! While it was relatively minor, it was a nice surprise. Caleb explained that he bid it out to accomodate some flexibility and allowances for us to add things without adding to the price if it could be avoided. What a great surprise.

Also, in the last 10 months McCaleb Homes has come out to fix/repair no less than 20 items without hesitation or complaint. They have fixed a banister, a small piece of trim, a couple of small leaks, the HVAC unit needed adjustment for our zones to work right, adjusted an exhause fan in a bathroom, rehung a door, adjusted gutters once we saw how the rainfall drained, replaced some peices in a ceiling fan, etc. If you have EVER owned a home, especially a new home, these are the things that drive you crazy and McCaleb Homes has responded without ever making us feel like we are a bother.

In our neighborhood, several homes were built by a cheaper builder and we have heard the horror stories about poor engineering of the lot, bad drainage issues, roof problems and worst of all, no follow up on the promised warranty work the builder said would be "no problem" when he was trying to get them to buy from him.

We couldn't be happier with our new home and feel like we made the best decision possible in our new home and our homebuilder. I'm fairly handy around the house, but the good news is - I don't have to be! When I come home, I actually get to relax.

I wasn't asked to write this letter. I did because I wanted to help McCaleb Homes communicate to customers how good they are because they have been so good to me and my family.


Chris, Katie, Colin, Kelsey, Corey, Connor, Khloe, and Coby (the dog) - The McIntire Family


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