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New Video About Oklahoma City Unveiled

The video is designed to show the opportunity and lifestyle Oklahoma City has to offer to those outside of our community. We created this video to help you recruit the talent your company needs to grow. Please share the video with your friends, family and peers. Post it on Facebook and tweet about it. There is no better recruiter to the metro than the citizens who call it home.

Another resource for recruiting talent to Oklahoma City is The recently redesigned website helps people get to know our city -- from schools and neighborhoods to recreational activities and more. The website also is home to our Better Life blog (, published weekly, this blog and newsletter helps newcomers get to know our city better and provides them ways to become more involved in their new hometown.

We need your help spreading the word of our city's renaissance. Please share the video and relocation tools to those you know so we can make sure 2013 was even better than 2012 in Oklahoma City


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