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McCaleb Homes has won the 2017 Guildmaster Award

We are proud to announce that McCaleb has won the 2017 Guildmaster Award! What does this exactly mean? The Guildmaster Award presented by GuildQuality is an award that celebrates service excellence. This award is primarily dependent on exemplary customer service. This must be demonstrated by an extremely high customer recommendation rate. The recommendation rate must be 90% or higher to win this award. The Guildmaster award is secondarily dependent on the response rate of the surveys we sent out to our customers that bought a home from us in the year. So, this award could not have been won without our wonderful customers! For that, we want to say thank you to them!

When we started our company three decades ago we dedicated ourselves to innovative designs, quality construction, and superior customer service and satisfaction. With that in mind, we want to give you a breakdown of the different categories that were involved in rating our customer satisfaction. This award includes such vital ratings in budget, expertise, punch list, schedule, value, how likely to recommend, employees and subcontractors, and how professional and organized we are. Although the award is given for how we have done for that year, we have been compiling our customer satisfaction for the past 5 years with GuildQuality on how well we have been doing in each of these areas. Thanks to your responses we have been able to do so. This always motivates us to strive for higher and higher customer service and satisfaction ratings. Out of the 575 customer surveys we have sent out in these past years, 356 of you responded to us and for that, we say thank you! Here is how well we have rated per our customers:

Budget: 98%
Expertise: 100%
Punch list: 81%
Schedule: 87%
Employees & Subcontractors: 93%
Professional & Organized: 96%
Likely to Recommend: 95%
Value: 95%

On top of this, we have gotten 5 star reviews from 95% of our customers. We take all your thoughts, feelings and suggestions seriously because we are in this business for you and because of you. We thrive on the good and happy relationships we have made with each one of our customers.
Having set out over 30 years ago in our quest to give family’s a home that is built with exceptional quality and customer satisfaction; we have certainly accomplished a feat. Our journey doesn’t stop here, though. We will be continuing to strive for more and more feats to show just the dedication we have to the foundation we built this company on. If there is anyone who knows how important the foundation is to a building is, its McCaleb. The Guildmaster Award certainly gives evidence to the strength and integrity of the foundation of this company. We certainly couldn’t do it without our incredible customers, so thank you!

By McCaleb Homes 3-31-2017

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