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Making the Most Out of a Winter at Home

McCaleb builds high quality homes in desirable communities. Which makes things nicer when you either have to stay home or simply want to because you have a place that you enjoy spending time in. As we move further along into Winter, colder weather and COVID restrictions will have us all spending quite a bit of time at home. To help you not go stir crazy, we have compiled together a few ideas that can help you keep your sanity through this time.

Go for a Walk

Walking has an abundance of proven health benefits, both mental and physical. It is important to make time to take walks daily if you can. This time will allow you to breathe in fresh air, get some vitamin D, and stretch your limbs. And because Edmond enjoys such a nice climate, you will be able to take advantage of the numerous mild days we have, even in Winter.

Get Stuff Done

Many of us typically live busy lifestyles. And when the weather is warmer and nicer, it is so much easier to push those items on your to-do list further back in order to enjoy outdoor activities. But when you are spending more time indoors, it is the perfect time to consult that list and check off a few things that you did not have time for before. Fixing things like squeaky doors or clogged drains can help your home to run more efficiently and have you feeling productive.

Learn a Skill

Another excellent way to fill your time is by learning a new skill. Some skills and hobbies can take a lot of time to learn or complete, which may be why you have not taken them on previously. But this Winter you can keep your mind stimulated and feel accomplished by learning an instrument, painting, baking, or taking on whatever it is you are interested in.

See You Loved Ones

Unfortunately for most, seeing friends and family is still not feasible. But thanks to video conferencing you can spend time with these ones even if they are halfway across the world. Have a Zoom dinner party, happy hour, or game night with some of your favorite faces to stay connected.

Every season passes, and Winter will too. But do not think of it as a time to dread. Instead celebrate what each season offers, take advantage of any increased free time, and cozy up by a nice, warm fire!

By McCaleb Homes 1-26-2021

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