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Invest in a family library

The great thing about reading is that it can be for all ages. A family library can be a great learning environment for your kids as they can enjoy reading from a young age. To start a family library right in your own home, pick a spacious room and follow these tips to create a healthy learning space.

Organize your space and genre
If you have a ton of books already, look for a bookshelf that can cover an entire wall. That way you have plenty of empty spaces for new books to come, and it's a great look for your home. If you're just starting out and don't have too many books yet, you can just get a single book shelf that can be added shelf space later down the road when your library grows.

When placing your books on the shelf, think of the layout you want to organize the genres of the books. Each section can be organized according to the type of books you have, whether it's fiction or non-fiction it's all up to you in how the layout to be. Kids books should be lower to the ground so it's easier for them to access.

Create a peaceful room
If you want to read comfortably, you need a peaceful surrounding. That means a nice seating area, whether it's a sofa or giant beanbags on the ground it's all up to you. Parents with small children can enjoy a peaceful reading by wheeling in their baby swing or play yard when they are napping. As they get older and start to enjoy books, they will have their own bookshelf space to start their own collection.

A family library can also be a great place to store family photo albums and for kids to look back at the type of books they grew up with. So a family library can be a great learning space as well as a road down memory lane for the whole family


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