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How to Paint an Interior Door Like a Pro

Giving the doors in your home a fresh coat of paint can erase years of wear as well as make a big impact on the style of a room. If you want your doors to come out streak free and smooth, here are a few pro painting tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Skimp on Tools

For the final product to look professional, you need to use quality tools. Cheap paint brushes and rollers will leave bristles and streaks behind. Be sure to go for microfiber rollers and a 2 ½ inch sash brush.

Take the Door Down

Of course, it is possible to paint a door while it’s in place, but professionals know the value of removing the door from the door frame. It makes painting the trim easier and it makes prepping and painting the door itself easier too. So, take the time to remove the door from its hinges. Place any nails, pins, and hinges in a clearly marked baggie so that you can quickly and easily reinstall it later.

Remove the Doorknob

Paint splotches and splatter on a doorknob are telltale signs of a poor job. What’s more, if you get paint on your doorknob, it can interfere with the functions of the locking mechanisms. Which is why professionals remove the doorknob instead of just taping around it.

Repair the Door and Doorframe

To get professional, seamless results, you need to have a perfect surface to paint on. That is why you should take the time to fill any cracks or holes in your door or doorframe with wood filler or spackle.

Sand and Smooth

Once your filler is fully dried, it's time to sand. Sand rough patches and go over the places you filled to create a flush surface. Then wipe away the dust and residue with mineral spirits and a damp cloth. Now is a great time to apply primer as well.


Now that your door is prepped and primed, it is time to paint. For the smoothest results, a sprayer is ideal, but of course not everyone will be able to rent a sprayer for the job. You can still produce great results by hand though! Whether you are using a roller or a brush, just make sure not to take breaks while painting. Aim to paint one coat all at once. Even if you break for a few minutes in the middle of painting, the paint will begin to dry, and it will result in a patchy, ​ uneven finish. Wait 4 hours for latex paints to dry before applying another coat and wait 24 hours for oil paints.

And that’s it! Keep these tips in mind the next time you need to paint a door and you too can have professional results.

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By McCaleb Homes 5-20-2022

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