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Get Your Mudroom Ready for Winter

Winter comes with many challenges that we tend to not like. Some of which is the season of winter coming into our home with the little ones and maybe the husband too. There is a lot that can be done to alleviate this cold season from coming into your home. The mudroom is the perfect place in which to stop it and if you don't have one then the entryway can be fixed up the same way. The hardest part of it all will be to get everyone into a routine of using it when they come through the door. It is possible though! Here is the best way to get your mudroom or entryway ready for the season of winter!

1. Clean

We often drop our stuff off at the first place that we walk into when we get home. This means that your mudroom or entryway could possibly be cluttered and packed with things that shouldn't be there. The first step in getting your mudroom ready is to clean it. Throw away what needs to be thrown away but keep a pile for the rest. This will help to make the rest of the process go smoother. It's a good idea to just take a moment to do a deep clean of the room while everything is out.

2. Organize

The best way to organize is with an organizational system. There are many ways to go about doing that. The best way to do so for a mudroom or entryway is by having a system that gives everyone their separate areas. This doesn't have to be fancy or something that is big or takes up a lot of space. Having a place where you have coat hangers and a cubby below for shows and a cubby above for hats and the like is all that you really need. This is especially cute in an entryway.

3. Set the Rules

The biggest problem when it comes to making sure that all of the outside doesn't come any further than the mudroom or entryway is by establishing rules before they can come any further into the house. By taking off coats, boots, gloves and so forth and then put them into their respective places. This will be a routine that you'll start as you come in from outside. The best way to instill this is by example.

Winter is a beautiful time of year as the snow falls and creates a glistening effect across the front yard. It's beautiful outside the home, just not inside the home. McCaleb Homes knows and understands the struggles that each season brings on a home. We build homes that are there to last no matter what season it is or how many years have gone by. Check out why you should buy a McCaleb home today!

By McCaleb Homes 12-20-2017

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