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Decorative Glass Panels in Modern Homes

Known for its captivating design and colors, decorative glass is an attractive option for those wanting something contemporary and different.

In the field of interior design, the use of glass has become more widespread in recent times due to its clean look and environmentally-friendly nature.

Floors and ceilings designed with glass elements are often found in nightclubs, concert venues and museums. And these patterns are gaining popularity in modern home design as well. Colorful, ornamental glass panels may soon overtake ceramic tiles in popularity when it comes to contemporary kitchen and restroom design. There’s enough variety in decorative glass design to suit the style and needs of just about anyone.

Fiberglass pieces can mimic stone and wooden styles very well, enough to blend in seamlessly with a large variety of decoration schemes. Due to the advantageous attributes of the panels, practically any space can be customized to the customer’s desire. The owners can select from a wide choice tints and hues, including simple solid colors and frosted or tinted glass. Digitally printing custom designs on glass is now also an option for those wanting a more personal look.

Because of its reflective properties, glass can also serve like a mirror to make smaller spaces appear bigger. However, if this isn’t what a client desires, non-reflective options are available as well. Size is not an issue either, since panels can be custom-fit to conform to any surface or area.

Another plus is the ease in mounting glass panels, since they don’t require a mounting-structure built ahead of time. Additionally, glass panels are a single unit, the wall stays completely smooth with no joints to fill. This also means that they have the advantage of being flexible in their use and durable in their life.

Glass panels are quickly becoming a popular design choice in more and more modern homes. If you’re considering a construction, redecorating or remodeling project, it’s definitely worth your time to consider the options that glass designs offer. Craftsman Glass is known in the Denver Metro Area for offering services including window repair and glass installation, as well as a variety of smartly-crafted designs that are both attractive and practical.


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