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Creative Uses for Glass in Your Home

The term "Jack of all trades" usually denotes a person or object that is somewhat good at multiple things, but not great at any one thing. Like the phrase itself, the connotation is somewhat neutral: not bad, but not great. But something being versatile does not have to mean it has to be mediocre. Out of the common building materials, glass not only fills a large number of roles, it fills some of them as good or better than traditional materials.

Glass designs for your home straddle the line between beautiful form and functionality, and with the numerous and diverse forms, styles, colors, patterns and textures available, you can find something that fits well into almost any design scheme. But what glass does best is to create sleek, modern styles.

Glass Used as Tiling: The most common use for glass panes in the home would likely be as tiles. In recent times, many designers have opted to use them in kitchens in bathrooms. They come with several distinct advantages over ceramic tiles. They tend to be stronger for their weight, they are naturally waterproof, and they come in a wider range of colors and patterns.

Glass for Railings: Glass railings are a common sight in the upper levels and staircases of American office buildings. They are usually made up of panes of glass supported by metal frames. Using such a style in your home can create a fantastic, contemporary look. If you find metal to be too cold and industrial for your home, you could instead use plastic or wooden frames.

Glass for Tables: Whether it's on a coffee or dining table, glass table tops are very sleek and clean looking. The transparency also makes the area look a bit more spacious. Even other table surfaces can benefit from glass table tops. Placing one of the right size on top of a wood or stone surface can protect the finish from damage.

Glass for Doors: Everyone has seen glass doors, whether they be on business buildings, shower enclosures or patio doors. However, using them in the interior rooms of the home can create a unique style. Often, you will want them to be textured or frosted, so that there is some amount of privacy between adjoining rooms. For something more modern, you might have a door made of a single glass pane that hangs and slides from a rail above the doorway.

Glass as Art: The possibilities of glass really open up in the world of art. Glassblowers have refined their techniques over many centuries, and with modern equipment, they can create some truly breathtaking designs. You might choose small glass vessels and containers, or perhaps larger, more elaborate sculptures. Simple colored glass panes can be placed on the walls for minimalist art, or you can place custom printed or patterned glass. Glass mosaics can also be beautiful additions.

Making smart use of glass when designing a home can give it a unique personality that makes your home sleek and modern. In addition, glass is often affordable, eco-friendly and long-lasting. Have you considered some of the ways you could use glass designs in your home?

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