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Creating a Durable Home Requires Professionals

Many people have accidentally adapted the flawed concept that older homes have less mold and moisture problems than contemporary housing. It may be true that some newer homes have a history for mold problems; however, this has not been a tested fact. One key thing that has been succinct throughout the moldy homes is that the homes were not built by a well-educated professional builder. Having a qualified person who understands how to get the most out of contemporary materials and construction practices is key, like the minds behind McCaleb Homes.

In the past 30 years or so, a person with only basic construction knowledge could build a serviceable home. It is not the case today, where the mix of modern building materials and construction practices with code mandates have increased the complexity of the average home, with little room for a mistake.

We can notice the trend by looking at how the materials used for homes have changed. Previous lumber was cut from mature trees that could absorb moisture. The ability to handle moisture or moisture events is known as hygric buffer capacity or in some cases hygric redistribution. Any of that sort of lumber was placed in drafty walls to allow moisture to escape with ease. Unfortunately, the mature trees of the past are gone and harvested. Today’s engineered boards and dimensional lumber are cut from fast-growing trees that cannot store and release the same amount of moisture that old-growth wood could. Alongside the lumber, new energy mandates that those materials are placed in practically air-tight walls that are well insulated.

That being said, these modern materials are not necessarily drawbacks in itself; engineered wood has a structural advantage, and good insulation keeps a house more comfortable. A modern builder should never go without them. The problem is not with the insulation or building materials, it is with the builders who do not know how to work with the materials. This makes it very important to employ a builder who has a grasp on the concepts of moisture-related building practices. McCaleb Homes only has educated and well-experienced builders and designers on their team.

Professional builders know how to manage water leakage by using bulletproof roofing, siding, and flashing that keeps water out. They are knowledgeable on how to make an efficient wall system that can handle large amounts of moisture leaking into the home by the average family.

They also know that drying potential is just as important as moisture resistance and that wall systems should be optimized for local climates. An educated professional will know how to adjust the right materials to make sure this happens.

Essentially, the key point is to make the structure of a home dry, no matter how much moisture the home is exposed to. No matter what the source - weather events or home owners long hot showers - the interior structure needs to stay dry. Older homes are drafty and not very energy efficient. This does make it possible to dry out the interior wood structure, but increases energy costs and is wasteful. With proper construction techniques and modern building materials you get both; a structure that stays dry, and is energy efficient. McCaleb Homes builds new homes in Oklahoma City and has shown the results of hiring experienced builders, who are educated in the use of modern building materials. This allows us to build beautiful, quality homes. It is always in your best interest to buy from a builder who has the experience and hires professionals who understand modern building techniques and materials.


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