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3 New Model Homes

When it comes to looking at a home you want to know what it is you’re getting. What are the options and how big of a difference it will make if you decide not to upgrade it in your home? Therefore, homebuilders have model homes. McCaleb... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 3-12-2019

Home Renovations and Decor

Winter is a great time after all the company has left to start home improvements on your home. As people, we are always changing things and styles are constantly coming in and going out. Regardless of what is in or out, you as the homeowner have the power and... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 1-23-2019

Getting Ready for Company and Travel

This time of year, means that there is a lot of company coming into town. With the kids having so much time off from school it can be the perfect time to travel. This means that whether you’re the ones traveling or you’re the ones receiving... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 12-11-2018

You Are Invited to the Street of Dreams

We are proud to say that we are participating in the Street of Dreams. We have delivered one of our best homes yet when it comes to luxury homes. There won’t be a shortage of luxury homes on the Street of Dreams, but one thing... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 10-4-2018

How to transition your Summer decor to Fall decor

Time seems to be moving fast and we are already at that time of year where we have seen the first couple of trees start to change their colors. This means that it’s time to change your décor up to match the season that is soon to be.... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 8-31-2018

Renovations that will Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Many people are looking into renovations that will help increase the resale value of their home. We want to give you the “dos and don’ts” to increasing the value of your home by doing some minor projects around the house. There are some that will give... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 6-27-2018

How to do Concrete Repairs

Keeping your home in tiptop shape can be hard but it is very rewarding seeing that your home is the best one on the block. Over the years many repairs need to be done to a home, one of the most common is concrete. McCaleb Homes... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 5-30-2018

Its Time for Spring Cleaning

We are now officially into spring which means that there is some cleaning that is going to need to get done. Many people have mixed emotions about spring cleaning. Happy because its spring and you want to get your home ready for the months ahead but... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 4-4-2018

The Plaza a Lock and Leave Community

The Plaza at Town Square is an upcoming “Lock and Leave” community in Edmond, OK. In a recent interview with McCaleb homebuilder Caleb McCaleb, NewsOK delves into the benefits of a Lock and Leave Lifestyle.

What does a Lock and Leave Lifestyle entail?

“Basically, when... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 1-22-2018

Get Your Mudroom Ready for Winter

Winter comes with many challenges that we tend to not like. Some of which is the season of winter coming into our home with the little ones and maybe the husband too. There is a lot that can be done to alleviate this cold season from... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 12-20-2017

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