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Upgrade Your BBQ with These Tips

Oklahoma comes alive in the summer! From festivals to fishing, there is so much to do. A classic American summertime activity would of course include BBQs. They are the perfect way to enjoy the warm weather, gather with loved ones, and indulge in smoky... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 6-16-2021

Banish the Bite - Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

As the weather gets nicer, the desire to spend more time outdoors grows stronger. And the OKC area is a great place to do just that. Especially in the communities we build in since we are careful to always take the enjoyment of nature... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 5-24-2021

Plants That Invite Hummingbirds to Your Yard

There are many reasons to love living in the OKC area, and among those reasons is the natural beauty. Every year around the late part of April, bright, vibrant, and energetic hummingbirds return to our area. Observing these charming characters is a source of... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 4-30-2021

Maintaining Your Dream Home

At McCaleb Homes, we pride ourselves on building and delivering homes that bring our clients' vision and imagination into reality. We understand how important it is to consider the location before beginning the building process. By valuing nature we are able to preserve it and incorporate... [read more]


Foods You Can Regrow From Scraps

Having a kitchen with the room and amenities to create all the delicious and healthy meals you want is important to many families. That is why McCaleb Homes makes it a priority to build timeless kitchens in a way that makes it easy to... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 2-23-2021

Making the Most Out of a Winter at Home

McCaleb builds high quality homes in desirable communities. Which makes things nicer when you either have to stay home or simply want to because you have a place that you enjoy spending time in. As we move further along into Winter, colder weather and... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 1-26-2021

Remodeling Mistakes that Reduce the Value of Your Home

At McCaleb Homes, we build with quality materials and timeless floor plans so that your home will retain its value. As the years go on and as your needs and wants may change, you may start to consider upgrading or remodeling parts of your home. Remodeling... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 12-22-2020

Reasons to Buy a New Home

It is normal for potential home buyers to experience decision fatigue during the entire process. It is completely understandable. There is an endless list of things to consider from location to housing type to style preferences. One of the main things... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 11-30-2020

Buying a Home? Read This First

If you are a first-time home buyer, the entire home buying process may feel somewhat overwhelming to you. That is completely understandable because it can be a complicated, legal process. At McCaleb Homes, we are very familiar with what all goes into buying a home and we want... [read more]


How to Make Gutter Cleaning Easier

At McCaleb Homes, we strive to build homes with only the highest quality materials so that they are a joy to live in. But regardless of how a home is made, regular maintenance chores are still vital to get done. Around this time of... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 9-28-2020

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