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Tips for Storing Summer Recreational Gear

There are so many fun things to do in the OKC area during the Summer. From biking to tubing to paddleboarding, there’s endless fun to be had. But once the weather starts to cool and you no longer need to use that recreational gear,... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 9-20-2022

The Home Upgrade That Offers the Most Bang for Your Buck

At McCaleb Homes, we only build our homes with quality materials. We want your home to have lasting value and have character that stands the test of time. Hardwood floors are one of those materials that never go out of style, which is why you will... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 8-23-2022

How to Improve Backyard Privacy

Your home is more than just what’s in between your front door and back door. At McCaleb Homes, we strive to build our homes on generous lots as well. This way, you can enjoy outdoor living spaces just as much as your indoor ones. If you... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 7-27-2022

Tips for Staying Organized When Packing for a Big Move

No matter how many times you move, it never ceases to be an exhausting and difficult experience. Packing up your life and all your belongings can be a daunting task. But there are some things that can make the process easier. Here are some of our... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 6-22-2022

How to Paint an Interior Door Like a Pro

Giving the doors in your home a fresh coat of paint can erase years of wear as well as make a big impact on the style of a room. If you want your doors to come out streak free and smooth, here are a few pro... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 5-20-2022

Things That are Wrecking Your Curb Appeal and How to Fix Them

Curb appeal is most often talked about when discussing real estate listings, but curb appeal is important even if you are not planning on selling your home. It contributes to a beautiful neighborhood. It’s what your loved ones first see when they visit you. It’s what... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 4-26-2022

How to Make a Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Flowers have the power to make people feel loved and appreciated or to turn a simple dinner into a special occasion. If you want to skip the florist fees and impress your guests or loved ones, here are some keys to creating a quality flower arrangement.

... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 3-25-2022

Homes Improvements You Cannot or Should Not Do Yourself

At McCaleb Homes it brings us great joy to provide families with

Light Up Your Hallway with These Ideas

Beauty and function are not mutually exclusive. Which is something we truly believe here at McCaleb Homes. It is why we strive to design and build our

What You Need at Home in Case of An Emergency

At McCaleb Homes, we aim to build houses that you can feel comfortable in and in communities that you feel safe in. While you cannot control everything, you can prepare for emergencies. Natural disasters are one example of emergency situations that you have no control over. From... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 12-17-2021

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