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What You Need at Home in Case of An Emergency

At McCaleb Homes, we aim to build houses that you can feel comfortable in and in communities that you feel safe in. While you cannot control everything, you can prepare for emergencies. Natural disasters are one example of emergency situations that you have no control over. From fires, to floods, to tornados, natural disasters can wreak havoc anywhere in the country. We want you to be prepared in case an emergency strikes. That is why we have compiled this list of things that can prove invaluable during an emergency so you can make sure to have them on hand.


One of the first things to go out during a natural disaster is the power. Keeping phones and devices charged to communicate with loved ones and stay up to date with the news is important. It is also critical if you have a family member with medical needs. In addition, having a source of power can keep food from spoiling in the refrigerator. A generator is one of the most valuable things you have stocked. There are generators with varying running times and ones that will fit any budget.

Gas Can

Generators run off gasoline, which means that having gasoline at home is also important. Make sure to keep the gasoline in a quality canister. There are ones that are flame retardant to prevent accidental fires as well as ones that have vapor locking spouts to reduce hazardous fumes. It is recommended to at least keep five gallons on hand.

Fire Extinguisher

If you lived in an apartment or rental home before owning your own, you may be used to there just being fire extinguishers on hand. All landlords are required to provide fire extinguishers, but it is something that you need to buy for your house yourself. A fire extinguisher is critical in case of fire related emergencies.

Portable Radio

If cell service is down, it is vital that you stay in the know. A portable radio is the best way to do so. Make sure to keep working batteries around or purchase a radio that can be charged by solar power.

If you keep these items stocked in your home, you will be better equipped to handle any emergency that should come. Be prepared and be safe!

By McCaleb Homes 12-17-2021

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