HOPE Center Dream Home Giveaway

At 2 pm on July 9 at the Town Square community, a groundbreaking for a new home will take place. This home is the result of a collaboration between McCaleb Homes and the HOPE Center of Edmond, and will be part of the Dream Home Giveaway sweepstakes. Tickets can be purchased for a chance to
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Creative Uses for Glass in Your Home

The term “Jack of all trades” usually denotes a person or object that is somewhat good at multiple things, but not great at any one thing. Like the phrase itself, the connotation is somewhat neutral: not bad, but not great. But something being versatile does not have to mean it has to be mediocre. Out
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Creating an Outdoor Space with a Theme

It’s a well-established fact that as time goes on, things change. Specifically, people and their cultures change and the styles they find appealing are vastly different from decade to decade. Hence, if you’ve lived in the same place for a long time and you take good care of your things, your decorating scheme might be
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Homes Available Now

  • Steinbeck Elevation

At McCaleb Homes we have featured homes available for quick move in. If you would like to see our entire collection visit our homes for sale page

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