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“The story behind Town Square…” – What was the inspiration for this community?

Mountain Camp from Mountain Camp on Vimeo.

Lifelong friends, Caleb McCaleb and Scott Whipple, envisioned the idea of Town Square during one of their annual “guys ski trips”. During their time at Baylor University from 1980 to 1984, Caleb McCaleb and Scott Whipple were Alpha Tau Omega fraternity brothers and both were Entrepreneurship/Real Estate majors. The two quickly became close friends as they bonded over their individual entrepreneurial dreams and a future partnership of developing a historically inspired community.


The Whipple family at their Mountain Camp

Caleb pursued his dream of owning his own home building company while Scott founded his own outdoor mountain camp. The two friends have always been inspired by historical homes and felt like this timeless style would be the right fit for their new community. In addition, Scott wanted to bring in a personal touch to the neighborhood that would reflect his camp, “Ice House Lake” which is located at the entrance of Town Square. Ice House Lake is actually the name of the lake at his Mountain Camp near Lake Tahoe in California.


Annual Guy’s Ski Trip in 1989

Town Square was voted Best New Neighborhood in Edmond last year and continues to be one of the most popular places for a family to call home.


Scott was in Caleb’s wedding in 1984


McCaleb Homes has won The City of Edmond Green Builder of the Year

We are very proud to announce that McCaleb Homes has won The City of Edmond Green Builder of the Year.

We view this as a great honor because here at McCaleb Home sustainable construction and audited energy efficiency is one of our main priorities. Lance Baisden, a McCaleb Builder, accepted the sought after award for McCaleb Homes.

Green Building is also known as green construction or sustainable building. It refers to both a structure and the processes that environmentally responsible and resource efficient through the life of building. Green building is an extensive process that is carried throughout the site and design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.

We strongly believe in environmentally responsible building and are profoundly honored to be The City of Edmond’s Green Builder of the Year.


McCaleb Homes has won the Sunshine Award for Best New Home Builder

We want to thank all of the Edmond voters for voting McCaleb Homes the 2016 Best New Home Builder. We are dedicated to building exceptional homes in premier neighborhoods with extraordinary customer service.


Edmond Trail Impresses Coalition Members

EDMOND — Arcadia Lake Trail Coalition members liked what they saw when they got their first look at a three-mile trail that has been cleared and leveled from Interstate 35 to Spring Creek Park at Arcadia Lake. “This is impressive” said Henry Holasek, owner of Al’s Bicycles and a coalition member, as he walked to the start of the trail on the southwest portion of A Loop in Spring Creek Park.


“We’re excited about this” said Caleb McCaleb, one of the original members of the coalition. It is the first portion of what coalition members plan to be an 18-mile trail around Arcadia Lake. The first three miles of the multipurpose trail are expected to be finished by August.


“We wanted to show off the trail,” Kasey Evans, coalition chairman, said during a meeting held this week at the trail construction site. “It is a wide trail. It looks like a road.” Coalition members are raising private money to build the one-of-a-kind trail in the greater Oklahoma City metro area. The first three miles of the trail cost $2.9 million. The money is coming from a special sales tax passed by voters in 2000 for capital improvements.


Coalition members hope the city’s commitment to build the first three-mile section will boost their fundraising efforts. Edmond Land Conservancy is partnering with the city and the coalition. The estimated cost is $1 million per mile. The trail will be constructed in phases over four to five years. City park staffers have received a small trail development grant. “You build it and people will run and walk and get rid of the heart disease we have in this state,” Evans said.


The Arcadia Lake Trail has been a long time coming. City council members first heard a proposal more than 3½ years ago. The original organizer, David Tew, wanted the trail for walkers, joggers and bicyclists. He was joined in his vision by local developers McCaleb and Jim Tapp. Raising money might have been easier when the idea was born than it is now with the downturn in the economy.


“They are reviewing the possibility of a small extension of this trail with these funds” said City Manager Larry Stevens. “It is a matching grant which would help fund $300,000 of additional trail from Spring Creek Park to the park entrance on 15th Street.” The contractor, Rudy Construction, has 240 calendar days to finish the first three miles. “We are now about 130 days into the project, We are making good progress,” Stevens said.


Assistant City Manager Steve Commons said the 18-foot-wide trails allow eight feet for pedestrians and 10 feet for bicyclists. A 24-foot area has been cleared to construct the trail. “We found a couple of soft spots” Commons said. “We will have to get that worked out. Once they get to the asphalt it will go down pretty quick. We have no concerns at this time.” The next section of the trail will be from Spring Creek Park to Carl Reherman Park, now under construction. “The prettiest part is to Carl Reherman Park” McCaleb said. “It sits up high and there is a view of the lake.”


Voters on April 5 approved a half-cent sales tax for 10 years for capital improvements. A 21-member citizens task force recommended after a 17-week study a list of improvements they want the money spent on. An expanded and improved trails system was one of the recommended projects to be funded with the tax money. McCaleb said he wanted to get in line first for some of the new capital improvement tax money for the trail improvements. “We wanted to show off the trail,” Evans said, “It is a wide trail. It looks like a road.”

Original article by:  DIANA BALDWIN
Staff Writer

Federal Reserve Update- Increases Coming

FRphotoCaleb McCaleb just returned from the Economic Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. He is in his 2nd year of his term on this appointment. The national economy is growing at a rate of about 2% even though Quarter 1, 2016 only showed a growth of .5%. The Fed economists feel that Quarter 1, 2016 was just a blip downtown.

Despite being a Presidential election year, the Federal Reserve is not under the control of any political party and is free from this political turmoil. It looks like the Fed will try to raise the Federal funds rate in 2 small increments in 2016. The Fed lifted the Federal Funds rate in December 2015 from zero where it had been for 8 years.

Why Buy A Smart TV?


The TV industry is booming! Every day there is another better and greater TV to buy; descriptions like Smart TV, OLED, LED, 4K, and HDR are on every TV, making it more exciting to buy a new TV, but also more confusing. There is an incredibly extensive selection of high-definition and Ultra HD sets in many stores, covering all the bases with decently affordable big screens to sophisticated displays that can be as expensive as a new car! With all the insane amounts of options for TV’s, what kind should you get?

Some of you may have only recently bought a new flat screen; but all of the sudden, it now seems outdated! High Resolution Smart TV’s are showing up as the best of the best of this generation’s televisions. A feature that most people admire about the Smart TV is the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. Applications have now officially broken the boundaries of the average smart phone or tablet, since the internet connection allows applications to be installed right onto the TV.

Not only is the resolution of the new Smart TV’s extraordinary, but many of the televisions in this caliber can come with 3D processing units and 3D glasses as well. It can make it even better when you have an excellent McCaleb Home to watch your movies in.For some, this means no more trips to the IMAX theater for a glorious 3D movie experience. And since this feature does not apply to general TV shows, some may not feel that this kind of TV is worth it; also, there can only be as many viewers of the 3D movie as you have glasses.

If you are having a hard time making the right TV choice, offers a good list of what is a smart investment and what might be a pointless expenditure.

  • Try to buy a TV at or higher than 1080 resolution, as 720 resolution is too outdated
  • Look for higher than 120 Hz refresh rate to ensure a good TV display
  • If you do not want an outdated TV in 5 years, consider getting a 4K TV that will have lasting quality
  • If cost is not a concern, go for an OLED TV for a much better quality
  • A wide color gamut will have a better appearance, but is not crucial
  • Contrast ratios from manufacturers can be faked so do not base your decision on that
  • Look for HDCP compatibility so that you wont worry about getting locked out of content in your TV, along with a minimum of 4 HDMI ports
  • Curved TV’s are for style, not increased quality; the Smart TV label does not really dictate a more important TV, since this is just about every TV
  • Plan it in your expenses to have a sound bar that will be much better than your TV speakers.

Some of the most annoying things that happen while watching TV is the annoying search for that misplaced remote that is determined to evade you. With a Smart TV though, you can control it with a variety of remote-free methods with a smart phone or tablet. Even other models have voice commands as a way to control the TV. You can check your TV for an app that can work as the remote.

What about the cool curved panel TV that is out? It may be fantastic for straight-on quality viewing, but it makes it awkward for a group of people to view the TV comfortably.

The choice is clearly evident; the 2-D movies and standard flat-screens are becoming ancient. Having a Smart TV with internet connections, applications, 3-D potential, and remote-free controls are now the reality of this world. Smart TV’s make quality viewing inside your home so easy that you will only leave your McCaleb home to buy more snacks.

Creating a Durable Home Requires Professionals


Many people have accidentally adapted the flawed concept that older homes have less mold and moisture problems than contemporary housing. It may be true that some newer homes have a history for mold problems; however, this has not been a tested fact. One key thing that has been succinct throughout the moldy homes is that the homes were not built by a well-educated professional builder. Having a qualified person who understands how to get the most out of contemporary materials and construction practices is key, like the minds behind McCaleb Homes.

In the past 30 years or so, a person with only basic construction knowledge could build a serviceable home. It is not the case today, where the mix of modern building materials and construction practices with code mandates have increased the complexity of the average home, with little room for a mistake.

We can notice the trend by looking at how the materials used for homes have changed. Previous lumber was cut from mature trees that could absorb moisture.  The ability to handle moisture or moisture events is known as hygric buffer capacity or in some cases hygric redistribution. Any of that sort of lumber was placed in drafty walls to allow moisture to escape with ease. Unfortunately, the mature trees of the past are gone and harvested. Today’s engineered boards and dimensional lumber are cut from fast-growing trees that cannot store and release the same amount of moisture that old-growth wood could. Alongside the lumber, new energy mandates that those materials are placed in practically air-tight walls that are well insulated.

That being said, these modern materials are not necessarily drawbacks in itself; engineered wood has a structural advantage, and good insulation keeps a house more comfortable. A modern builder should never go without them. The problem is not with the insulation or building materials, it is with the builders who do not know how to work with the materials. This makes it very important to employ a builder who has a grasp on the concepts of moisture-related building practices. McCaleb Homes only has educated and well-experienced builders and designers on their team.

Professional builders know how to manage water leakage by using bulletproof roofing, siding, and flashing that keeps water out. They are knowledgeable on how to make an efficient wall system that can handle large amounts of moisture leaking into the home by the average family.

They also know that drying potential is just as important as moisture resistance and that wall systems should be optimized for local climates. An educated professional will know how to adjust the right materials to make sure this happens.

Essentially, the key point is to make the structure of a home dry, no matter how much moisture the home is exposed to.  No matter what the source – weather events or home owners long hot showers – the interior structure needs to stay dry. Older homes are drafty and not very energy efficient. This does make it possible to dry out the interior wood structure, but increases energy costs and is wasteful.  With proper construction techniques and modern building materials you get both; a structure that stays dry, and is energy efficient.  McCaleb Homes builds new homes in Oklahoma City and has shown the results of hiring experienced builders, who are educated in the use of modern building materials. This allows us to build beautiful, quality homes. It is always in your best interest to buy from a builder who has the experience and hires professionals who understand modern building techniques and materials.

All signs point to buy that new home!

Ifed_reserve_picf you are in the market for a new home in OKC, there is no better time to buy! McCaleb Homes has many great homes for sale in several of our historically inspired communities. The Federal Reserve rates have also gone down so it is truly the best time to buy.

Since the rates have a history of fluctuating, it is wise to purchase a home now; there is still a good profit in store for the homeowner. The Mortgage Reports Article that is linked below, reports that there is a correlation between the rates rising and that mortgage rates. Although the connection is irregular at times, it still suggest the when it is best to purchase a new home. McCaleb homes has plenty of homes and
many floor plans to choose from for sale in the Edmond, OK area.

According to recent reports, there is a current raise in target funds rates. Inflation rates can take some time to even out according to most economists. According to one CNBC article, the Federal Reserve has approved new rates, and the article makes this reference: “Given the economic outlook, and recognizing the time it takes for policy actions to affect future economic conditions, the committee decided to raise the target range for the federal funds rate to ¼ to ½ percent,” the FOMC’s post-meeting statement said. “The stance of monetary policy remains accommodative after this increase, thereby supporting further improvements in labor market conditions and a return to 2 percent inflation.”

Another article titled “How a Fed Interest Rate Hike Could Affect You” mentions how high rates still benefit the consumer. Higher rates benefit those that save money since there has been a wealth transfer from savers to debtors. The Federal Reserve does forecast a rise in rates so if you are one that has credit you should look into buying immediately. Prices are at an all time low as well as interest rates; these happening at the same time are a rarity in the home markets.

As you can see, now is the time to buy! McCaleb Homes is known for being a family run company that builds homes that meet all criteria for luxury and livability.  McCaleb Homes offers beautiful homes at various price points, making them an optimal choice for your family home. You can always visit and view our homes for sale page to see what is available!

Here are the links to the original articles:

Keeping Organized During A Move


Organizing Your Home During A Move

No matter how well prepared you are for a move it can still be very stressful. The year spent in one house can add up to loads of things in your possession. Having an established life in one place can make any relocation very difficult. With all the time spent in moving your family, it would be a could idea to keep these few tips in mind.

Be Proactive

Putting things off to the last minute leads to a lot of stress when crunch time comes. Moving can come across as a big obstacle for many people. Getting an early start to any move projects will help you have as little stress as possible. Before any packing starts you should get rid of as many extra things as possible. It would be a waste of time to have a bunch of things packed that you will end up getting rid of anyways after the move. Stocked up knick knacks can potentially lose their value to you after having to pack them in a move. Avoid procrastination at the beginning of a move so that you can keep the move flowing smoothly.

Don’t Leave Unprepared

No matter how far away a move is, changing cities or states can be a whole different world. It can be difficult to know what to expect of the new city. Many cities have temperamental weather patterns that you have to have all kinds of clothing items to be prepared for the changes in temperature. A good rule of thumb is to review the kind of city that you’ll be moving to when it comes to the temperature and weather patterns, and even the kind of personality that the particular city has. You can research when the best time would be to move by contacting the surrounding moving companies. They can give you the best advice on when to relocate you and your family.

Have A Personal Bag Packed

Some people find it easy to forget that you need a few pairs of clothes with you when moving. In case the moving truck is a few days later than expected you need to be prepared for any situation to happen. If you have a packed bag it can save you the frantic struggle of searching through your many boxes to look for specific items of  clothing that may never be found in time.

Now you can reduce the stressful experience of a move by following these simple steps.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

homedecor So much to decorate and no time to brainstorm! Do not fear, we have all the decorating techniques you need right here.

Unfortunately you cannot have your master bedroom having the same layout as your child’s room so it seems you’ll have to come up with something different; this short piece will highlight ways to differentiate the rooms in your home with reducing how much you rack your brain about it.

Master Bedroom
Since this is the room where you’ll recharge after a long day; it needs to have the perfect balance. A small room can be expanded with    lighter  colors and light curtains. If you have a large room that seems to be overbearing, you can use warm colors and patterns to make it   cozier. A nice antique find can dress up a boring nightstand set.
Lining up furniture to be parallel with the wall maximizes floor space and gives a nice flow to the room.
Have smaller nightstands that are as tall as the mattress so you won’t have to struggle with the alarm clock in the morning.

Children’s Bedrooms
The most important thing is to have as little clutter as possible, and to have versatile furniture that you won’t have to replace every two years.
From the initial paint job, try to pick a neutral color that kids won’t outgrow.
Instead of having floor lamps all around, try wall sconces that they won’t be able to pull down in their early years.
A simple chest can be used to store toys now, and then store game systems later.

Teen Rooms
The room of the teenager is their sanction; you might as well make it something they are comfortable with to avoid endless hassle.
A simple duvet cover can go a long way for a teen, especially if they think it’s comfortable.
No matter how good decorative pillows look, they can become a horror to the resistant bed makers.
Try to make use of installed shelves to increase storage space and easy use of their favorite things.

Guest Rooms
It’s crucial that you have a comfortable room, whether it is stationed or temporary. Try including entertainment for the guest, such as a small TV and magazines.
Multi-purpose furniture can be a great asset to your guest bedroom, such as a futon that makes a reliable couch in the daytime.
Those that have an enclosed porch could easily make that into a temporary room for a guest by hanging light sheets over the windows to maintain the outdoor feel but still giving them their privacy.

Keep an eye out later for our article on decorating styles that are versatile for any room!