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Get Your Mudroom Ready for Winter

Winter comes with many challenges that we tend to not like. Some of which is the season of winter coming into our home with the little ones and maybe the husband too. There is a lot that can be done to alleviate this cold season from... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 12-20-2017

2012 Parade of Homes Update

Our 2012 Parade of Homes display has been nothing short of a success. our beautiful model home at 732 Road Not Taken has already won 3 awards! This beautiful Steinback model home has been awarded for Best Landscaping, Best Decorated and Best Overall Design . There is still... [read more]


The Plaza at Town Square - A Historically Inspired Community

McCaleb Homes is excited to announce a new community that will be coming early 2018! This community has some key features that are unlike any other. We have taken the time to research what the best features were from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. In doing so, we have... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 11-15-2017

How to Winterize Your Home

Winterizing your home is both an inside and an outside job. There is much to do to prepare for the coming winter months. We will consider a couple of inside jobs and a couple of outside jobs that will ensure your house is in top shape... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 10-3-2017

Our Miracle Home Success Story

This year’s “Dancing for a Miracle” was titled “A Decade of Dance” in honor of its 10th anniversary. The Children’s Hospital Foundation hosts this event each year to help raise money to find cures for so many kids who are sick and injured in Oklahoma. Each... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 8-23-2017

How to Light Your Home Up

Many times, we get the perfect furniture and decorations for our home but our lighting of the room is less than stellar. Lighting can pose a big challenge in our homes. Sometimes we wish that there was more natural lighting shinning in verses our dim hanging... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 7-26-2017

Dancing for a miracle

Every year Children’s Hospital Foundation in Oklahoma hosts the event: “Dancing for a Miracle”! What this means is that each year they gather several local celebrities and ask them to dance with professional dancers to raise money that will be donated to pediatric research... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 6-15-2017

Summer Maintenance

Summer is the perfect time to do a small home inspection to make sure everything is sealed and working properly. Each season adds wear and tear to a house so it’s important to check certain things around the house each year so that if you’re fixing... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 6-6-2017

Summer Gardening

With summer fast approaching there are many things yet to get done to be ready for this beautiful time of year. The kids will soon be out of school and there are activities to be planned. One of those actives can be helping to plant a vegetable garden.... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 5-16-2017

Housing Market and Bubble Bursts

When making such a big purchase such as a home it’s common to have some anxiety about economic downturns. Many wonder will it happen again and when, if it does. Do you really need to worry about that though? in the article Afraid of a Bubble? Buy... [read more]

By McCaleb Homes 4-5-2017